The Essential Coronavirus Response Guide for Commercial and Procurement Leaders

19th April 2020

COVID-19 has a significant human impact that can never be forgotten or overlooked. In this spirit, we have a responsibility to think beyond the here and now and look to the future phases to help our economy, country and global community to get through this together. We are experiencing global factory labour shortages, supply chain disruptions due to travel and transport lockdownsforce majeure disagreements, suppliers running out of cash, realisation of our dependencies on global supply chains that we cannot control, disruption to ways of working due to lockdowns and the uncertainty over the length of current restrictions making effective forward planning extremely difficult.  

In response, 4C has pulled together our views of how procurement and commercial teams should approach the coming days and months to respond not only to the biggest crisis in our lifetime but also the biggest opportunity to reshape supply chains to mitigate the impacts of any future events. Through this guide we will show examples of where people have implemented some of these approaches, either well, or less well, and will use the most public of public procurements ongoing at the moment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as an example to bring this to life. 

We acknowledge that there are many different approaches to crisis management and even more variations between sectors, but we have grouped our crisis response framework into general stages that should apply to everyone.

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