Whitepaper: Brexit – Retail and the role of procurement

Whitepaper: Brexit – Retail and the role of procurement

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When the UK submitted its Article 50 letter to the European Commission, it set in motion a series of events that cannot now be stopped unless there is specific agreement from both the European Union and the United Kingdom Government. At the end of this two year period the UK will have formally left the European Union and will either have agreed an interim agreement, a new free trade agreement or trade will be governed under ‘WTO Rules’, a pre-agreed set of tariffs.

This paper looks at the impact Brexit is likely to have on the UK retail landscape, as well as the challenges and opportunities that might lie ahead using procurement and how as a function this might assist in readiness and preparation for the changes to come.

It contains insights into attitudes from within both the retail procurement community as well as from the wider procurement community. This paper shows how retail may be affected and what procurement as a function may be able to do to alleviate some of the upcoming issues as well as seizing the potential opportunities.

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