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4C has been a leading procurement and supply chain services consultancy since 2000. We’re recognised by FT and Statista as an award winning Operations & Supply Chain consultancy.

We work with clients in Europe, North America and Asia. 4C is based in London, but our 100+ consultants hail from over 20 countries, ensuring you’ll benefit from global-focused perspectives in all we do.

You’ll find us a true partner, passionate about fixing problems and delivering change for you – as our consistently positive feedback demonstrates. The extensive knowledge and sector experience of our people combine with the latest process and technology innovations to provide you with transformative solutions, excellent ROI and sustainable results.

With 4C’s help, you can compete more effectively by promoting growth, controlling costs, optimising your sourcing and procurement strategy and improving processes. You’ll benefit from actionable analysis, expert service delivery, greater operational efficiency and wider business transformation. Our proven track record covers numerous sectors and spend categories.

Alongside 4C, our sister companies Ebit and MCP2 offer a variety of complementary services across a number of industries.

Ebit Intelligent Procurement delivers savings and boosts business performance for clients across many industries. Procurement offerings you can benefit from include contract management software, managed services, consultancy and strategic projects for GNFR.

MCP2 is a fast-growing UK consultancy specialising in the public sector. It has developed a reputation for delivering high quality procurement support, commercial improvement advice, supply chain management and mentoring to deliver lasting improvements.

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how you'll benefit

We will provide diagnostics and transformation design, with planning and rapid implementation solutions. Transformation can include people, process and technology enablement, allowing your business to focus on it’s goals, move to a controlled environment and deliver sustainable change.

Our own advanced technology solutions are central to achieving insights and results. They include:
4Spend – analyse third-party spend data and generate savings opportunities.
4Risk – profile suppliers, enforce policies and reduce third-party risk.
4Contract – a comprehensive view of your contract repository.
These combine with powerful analytics, innovative processes and in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver actionable intelligence insights.

Our service delivery teams are experts in all aspects of procurement, including the latest tools and processes. We work closely with your team to understand your specific business priorities in order to continually deliver excellent and sustainable value.

We will work closely with you, developing innovative solutions and actionable insights to cost challenges, and identifying opportunities for unlocking value. These deliver tangible results – including a typical ROI delivery ratio in both direct and indirect projects of at least 3:1, with many achieving 4:1 or even 5:1 ROI.

We bring together practicality, analytics and a hands-on approach to deliver successful supply chain transformation programmes in over 15 countries. We work with a combination of best-in-class and home-grown tools and approaches to help you prepare your supply chain to take on modern-day challenges.