Life Sciences

From molecule to medicine, 4C partners with the most innovative biopharma advisors and providers to face these challenges and support the global life sciences industry’s mission to achieve greater wellbeing for patients, consumers and society in its widest sense.

Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies face rising R&D costs, pricing pressures and regulatory hurdles. New players, technologies and business models are disrupting the traditional market dynamics and competitive certainties. Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to stay competitive and we help them to operate more efficiently, effectively and sustainably in this evolving landscape.

Small & Emerging Pharma

The transition from an R&D organisation to a commercial organisation provides a unique set of challenges, with small and emerging pharma looking to transform their operating models. Our strategic, operational and R&D advisory services are tailored to the needs and constraints of small and emerging pharma companies to help them bring innovative treatments to market whilst building a sustainable and profitable business.

Niche & Specialty Pharma

Operating in rare indications and therapies with smaller patient populations magnifies certain industry challenges.  As companies with greater resource constraints, it makes managing operating costs and finding the right partners to develop and deliver innovative products even more vital.  Our experience in guiding companies through cost transformation has delivered significant value across this sector and our R&D advisory services are designed around identifying the most appropriate suppliers and providing the mechanisms for successful long-term collaborations.

Health & MedTech

The profusion of new players in the health and MedTech industry is increasing competition and driving innovation to improve patient outcomes. We help new players navigate the complex healthcare and life sciences ecosystem to fund, scale and operationalise in an efficient, effective, and consistent way that drives growth and returns.

Service Organisations

The pharmaceutical services market is crowded and competitive. Players vie for a share of the market, while facing a range of challenges on regulatory compliance, technology, data management, quality control and pricing pressures. Our strategic and operational advisory services help these organisations navigate this rapidly evolving landscape whilst being able to respond to the needs of their pharmaceutical customers in a profitable way.

Private Equity

With so many companies competing for funding, valuations and ROI predictions require greater scrutiny and market knowledge. With long development cycles and limited exit options compared to other industries, private equity firms need to ensure their portfolio companies operate efficiently and profitably and react effectively to changing conditions. We provide focused, PE-centric experience and services to help optimise the EBITDA, growth, market potential and multiples.