Retail & Consumer

Our team partners with recognised, global retail and consumer good brands to support the industry’s pursuit of providing consumers with products and services that meet their needs and preferences in a profitable and sustainable way.

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Supply chain disruptions, cost pressures, changes in consumer preferences and a need for operational efficiency whilst maintaining high levels of customer service are common challenges faced by many retail, wholesale and distribution organisations. At 4C we provide a range of services to help improve operations, increase profitability and enable companies to compete more effectively in the marketplace, from range optimisation and margin improvement to promotion effectiveness and supply chain optimisation.

Hospitality & Leisure

With labour shortages, increasing operating costs, evolving consumer demand and increased competition, hospitality and leisure companies are under significant pressure to deliver cost effective services. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in addressing the unique challenges that are faced by hospitality and leisure companies to improve their service and enabling operations, from supply chain and network optimisation to procurement cost reduction.

Consumer Products

The rise of e-commerce and mobile technology, evolving consumer behaviours, increased competition and economic uncertainty are forcing consumer product companies to adapt to stay ahead in the marketplace. We provide a range of services designed to help consumer businesses stay competitive, respond to market dynamics and improve their EBITDA, from cost reduction and market intelligence through to process optimisation and supply chain resilience.