At 4C we pride ourselves on our multi-sector experience, working in partnership with leading organisations around the world.

Public Sector & Regulated Industry

The public sector and regulated industry are confronted with a range of complex and interrelated challenges including resource and budget limitations, ageing infrastructure, technological advancements, climate change, international relations and social inequality. Addressing these multifaceted challenges and seizing opportunities requires innovative and actionable solutions.

At 4C we partner with government, public services and regulated organisations to solve their most important problems. From addressing domestic and international societal needs to providing public services and resources, we collaborate with a broad range of clients to facilitate the delivery of world-class public services in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner, while also delivering the tax or bill payer value for money.

Our public sector experts possess a diverse range of expertise and experience to help balance competing priorities and build trust with citizens by delivering effective services aligned to the changing needs and circumstances of the population.

Retail & Consumer

Retail and consumer businesses face a range of challenges, from adapting to changing consumer preferences, to responding to increased competition and supply chain disruptions. To succeed in a highly uncertain environment, retail and consumer businesses must adapt and focus on improving their commercial, operational and supply chain performance to remain competitive.

At 4C we have a wide range of experience in helping business overcome these unique challenges. We have a detailed understanding of the end-to-end supply chain issues our clients face, meaning that our solutions are holistically developed and delivered in a practical and sustainable way. We leverage our expertise and knowledge to help our retail and consumer clients optimise their commercial, operations and supply chain delivery in order deliver sustainable growth, redistribute value and reduce risk.

Our team partners with recognised, global retail and consumer good brands to support the industry’s pursuit of providing consumers with products and services that meet their needs and preferences in a profitable and sustainable way.

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies continue to operate in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry, grappling with a wide range of commercial and operational pressures. They are not immune to the global challenges of the times, including inflation, skills gaps, trade and security issues, supply chain shocks and above all, the challenge of sustainability and climate change.

From molecule to medicine, 4C partners with the most innovative biopharma advisors and providers to face these challenges and support the global life sciences industry’s mission to achieve greater wellbeing for patients, consumers and society in its widest sense.

Using our expertise, market understanding and commercial acumen, we help life sciences companies make the right decisions about the capabilities they develop or outsource, and how and with whom they collaborate.

We define strategy. We design and implement new operating models.  We support operational delivery of outcomes whether linked to capability, efficiency, cost or risk. We have a rigorous focus on impact, quality and value – for our clients, their partners and their patients.

Financial Services

The financial services market is undergoing significant changes as a result of new technologies, regulations, and customer preferences that require financial service organisations to rapidly adapt to face these complex and dynamic challenges. As a result, financial services organisations must balance the demands of customers, regulators and stakeholders while investing in technology, talent and compliance to ensure long-term success.

We at 4C work to enable financial institutions to power the global economy by providing the free flow of capital and liquidity in the marketplace in an efficient and sustainable way that lowers transaction costs and reduces risk to consumers and investors.

We have a wealth of experience working with financial service organisations across banking, investment management and insurance to help deliver commercial, operational and supply chain excellence.