Public Sector & Regulated Industries

At 4C we partner with government, public services and regulated organisations to solve their most important problems. From addressing domestic and international societal needs to providing public services and resources.

Central Government

With increasing financial, social, and environmental challenges, central government is under significant pressure to deliver best-in-class public services whilst responsibly managing public money and maintaining public trust. Whilst historically efficiency savings have been to cut services or people, we see other ways of delivering these efficiencies. We work with central government departments to help them address key challenges by gaining deep understanding of their issues and taking bold action in order to drive value for money on service delivery.

Defence & Security

Defence and security public organisations are in an era of unprecedented change. The mission to defend and protect national interests is critical, whilst simultaneously modernising, reducing expenditure and transitioning to more sustainable practices. Our experts bring valuable insights and experience to help defence and security leaders at all levels improve their operations and supply chain performance, introduce efficiencies and enhance sustainability and resilience.

Healthcare & Social Care

Since Covid-19, the demand for healthcare has seen a significant rise across the globe. The adoption of digital innovation within the sector continues to grow, evidenced by the ongoing adoption of virtual care services that began in the pandemic, to digital system flow through the implementation of virtual wards. We help healthcare and social care providers with developing and transforming their services to meet the needs of the future generations whilst ensuring prevention and self-management are at the forefront of our solutions.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Changing demographics, ambitious policy and legislative changes, funding constraints, decarbonisation and sustainability are key issues that haulage firms, public bodies, infrastructure and transport services are having to face. As a result, governments need to balance the drive for modernisation and innovation with budget constraints, environmental concerns and other factors. At 4C we offer a range of services that help ensure that our clients can deliver safe, reliable and sustainable services, drive change and deliver value for money.

Local Government

Local government is at the heart of our communities, delivering crucial services, improving outcomes, tackling some of the most deep-seated problems in our society and anticipating future needs. We work closely with local government organisations and their partners to build the capabilities they need to get the best possible outcomes from the money they spend with third party suppliers. Our work also helps clients to harness their spending power, driving the delivery of policy priorities by optimising the economic, social and environmental value they achieve.

Higher Education

Post-Brexit and Covid-19, universities are facing challenges to their income as the competition for overseas students increases. They also face increased regulation, challenges to access grant funding to support research, navigating the road to Carbon Net Zero and the ongoing requirement for digital transformation. At 4C we provide a range of services that assist universities achieve their goals in a cost-effective, collaborative and compliant manner.

Regulated Industry

With cost-of-living pressures and the imperative to act on climate change, the need to deliver sustainable, equitable, high-quality, affordable services to citizens is at the forefront of the national agenda. We work with a wide range of regulated industry organisations, from regulators to utilities companies, to help solve these, and other industry specific challenges, ensuring key services and resources remain affordable and accessible to all.

How to engage us

We are listed on multiple public sector frameworks, including Crown Commercial Services, ESPO, Bloom, Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3) and the G Cloud 13 framework, providing our clients with assurance that partnering with 4C is both convenient and compliant.