Business Case Development

Wave 2 of two multi million pound grant schemes to support vulnerable and less well off families, the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund is a 10 year £3.8bn programme upgrade the energy efficiency of homes to meet net zero targets and make residents homes more energy efficient, comfortable and affordable to heat.

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The Problem

  • Our client, a major government department who provides monetary grants and support to businesses and individuals in relation to Energy Security and delivering governments ambitions on achieving Net Zero, required specialist commercial and technical support  for the design, development and delivery of a successful operating model for the Delivery of the grant schemes through the deployment of the Business Case Process.
  • 4C were asked to lead on all aspects associated with the approval of both the Outline Business Case and Full Business Case.

The Solution

  • The 4C team reviewed and updated the existing DMA for the updated service design following Waves 1 of the schemes and led on the OBC and FBC process overall.
  • We completed the SCM and upskilled the Departmental commercial team as this was their first time being involved in this aspect of the business case.
  • Our team led the market engagement exercise including engagement with SME community.
  • We set out and implemented the sourcing strategy and led the pre-market engagement activities through a cross functional team of client and 4C procurement specialists.
  • We ran the resulting procurement exercise, including evaluation and the resulting contract award.
  • Represented the client at Board meetings and briefings for ministers on commercial aspects of Business Case.
  • Through our early engagement with Cabinet Office controls team, we ensured first time approval of the DMA and OBC and FBC.

The Impact

  • We built strong relationships and rapport between the Departmental commercial, delivery and policy teams delivering more sustainable results.
  • The 4C team delivered Wave 2 fund delivery partner procurement within budget.
  • Our successful engagement with the Delivery Agent secured their position as Contract Authority for the Wave 2.
  • As a result, there was a successful announcement by Government in April 2023.