Theresa May’s crackdown on M&A ‘Asset-Strippers’ and the importance of Procurement

Theresa May’s crackdown on M&A ‘Asset-Strippers’ and the importance of Procurement

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4C Associates’ Jack Greenwood considers how the Conservative Party’s Manifesto could impact M&A activity and lead to Procurement playing a growing role in Private Equity. Following the Conservative Party’s troubles during the Snap General Election, Prime Minister Theresa May will move to turn things around by implementing her party’s Manifesto. One key aspect of this document looks to block Investor …

Post Brexit M&A opportunities

Post Brexit M&A opportunities

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4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia considers how businesses can look to profit from the current period of uncertainty. Depending which media outlets you read, you might think Brexit represents the salvation or the destruction of the UK. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. There are pros and cons to the country’s decision to leave the European Union and …

Getting procurement through M&A

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Mergers and Acquisitions are a fact of modern business life and most employees will experience a number of mergers or takeovers throughout their career. Often they will view such activity as a threat to their position within their current organisation. This need not be the case. The strategic drivers for a merger are varied, for example the acquiring organisation may …

4C acquires logistics operations firm Key3 Partners New

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London, UK, 16 January, 2012 – Key3, the consulting firm specialising in logistics operations and logistics systems improvement, has been acquired by 4C Associates, the consulting and outsource firm specialising in cost and procurement transformation. Key3 have delivered many millions of pounds of savings to blue chip organisations and bring first class expertise in delivering change in logistics operations, through a rare …