Managed Procurement Programme

Working with a non-departmental public body under DESNEZ to manage procurement activities for a major government infrastructure project.

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The Problem

  • To achieve the objectives of the concept design phase for a major government infrastructure project (A Nuclear Fusion protype plant), the programme needed to identify and source the appropriate expertise and knowledge from external third parties. However, due to the innovative and diverse nature of the requirements and stakeholder groups, significant challenges were being experienced in successfully identifying and engaging with the supply chain​ and shaping procurement.
  • There was a lack of capacity and expertise within the programme procurement function to partner with technical teams and drive the respective workstream sourcing requirements, while adhering to the public contract regulations​.
  • Due to the need for innovation, outcome focused specifications and contracts were key to empower suppliers to drive the best solutions. The programme technical teams had very limited experience writing such high-quality specifications and of maximising the capability of potential suppliers.

The Solution

  • 4C immediately deployed a team of skilled specialists to business partner with key workstream groups and technical stakeholders and establish the engagement strategy and pipelines for external support requirements​.
  • The 4C team undertook comprehensive and innovative supplier relationship management activities to establish strategic relationships with suppliers on existing frameworks to increase engagement and investment from the supply chain​.
  • We developed and implemented a range of tools, processes and training sessions for technical, procurement and supply chain team colleagues to drive quality sourcing outcomes. This included technical specification writing, revised tender documentation, more effective approaches to tender evaluations and compliant preliminary market engagement activities to better inform and direct procurement approaches​.

The Impact

  • A transformed procurement team structure with greater alignment with functional workstreams through business partnering to generate a fundamental shift in the view and engagement of internal stakeholders with procurement, resulting in much higher levels of collaborative output​ and better specifications into the supply market.
  • Delivery of critical strategic and technical project requirements such as the Programme Transition Partner to drive the overall Programme objectives by identifying the plant site and the Delivery Partner.
  • 4C implemented best-practice procurement processes, tools and templates to enable future efficient and compliant sourcing. This included up-skilling key stakeholders to drive the development of fit-for-purpose specifications and contracts​, putting the UK at the global forefront of infrastructure development.





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