Post-merger Restructuring

Working with a multinational foreign exchange company on post-merger restructuring and novation of supply contracts following the acquisition of a global payments business.

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The Problem

  • Our US-based multinational foreign exchange client offered a range of financial services including international money transfers.
  • The client acquired a significant global business payments organisation to enhance its business model and needed to separate out supply contracts that had been transferred to the client via the acquired business.
  • As a result, there was a need for a partner organisation who understood their contractual positions and was able to subsequently integrate them into the procurement model, particularly identifying which of the existing contracts touched on the global business payments scope of work and would be impacted by their novation and development.

The Solution

  • The 4C team worked with the client to build and implement a model to divest the acquired entities scope from the original organisation, whilst minimising the impact on ongoing operations.
  • It was necessary to enter dialogue and negotiate with all stakeholders to maintain the acquired business’ contractual terms whilst establishing the new scope into the client procurement function through the identification of the contracts that impacted the global business payments business model.
  • We enabled the operation of the acquired business’ outsourced procurement function without impacting either the acquired or client organisations.
  • Our team helped define the approach, as an intermediary between the acquired business and client to identify relevant contracts, defined the new procurement function and acted as the clients outsourced procurement partner.

The Impact

  • We were able to identify contracts, their scope and associated negotiation without impacting the procurement delivery of either the acquired business, or the client.
  • The team completed the novation of all supplier contracts with all relevant terms maintained for all client parties despite the required amendments in contractual scope.
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