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4C’s Financial Services team’s extensive knowledge and C-Suite experience with financial organisations gives us a deep understanding of the sector’s statutory requirements, the industry-wide drive for innovation and the importance of customer, cost and culture.

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We help multinational banks, challenger companies and insurance providers improve profitability and productivity by creating more efficient and sustainable supply chains and providing valuable insights into risk remediation.

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Financial services team

Insight-As-A-Service combines 4C’s procurement knowledge and financial sector expertise with cutting-edge data analytics powered by AI and machine learning. Our technology helps clients to identify opportunities to manage cost. In addition, we help clients to manage their supply base effectively in line with regulatory requirements.

We focus on indirect spend areas such as IT, facilities management, consultancy and resource management using tools and benchmarks to recommend rapid and sustainable cost optimisation across your organisation.

Our Control ?> Optimise > Transform framework of improvement levers and bespoke 4SPEND analytics service will identify and implement improvements to your operations that reduces risk while protecting or enhancing the offer to your customer or the consumer.

Our expert teams and proven tools and methodology will help your business deliver effective and sustainable transformations that achieve strategic goals for your people, processes and technology. We work with independent third-parties to examine supply chain risk and how best to deal with the latest statutory requirements.

4C and the Bank of England recently won the Go Award for Procurement Leadership as recognition of transformation across the Bank.

We can run procurement delivery for as many of your indirect spend categories as needed to help your business focus resources on operational areas and/or frontline services that have a greater impact on your growth and profitability. Often managed on a balanced scorecard approach, linked to commercial delivery, performance improvements and our relationship-based delivery, we take away the noise and give you back savings to re-invest in growth or other complementary services.