Holistic Operating Model Review

Working with a UK food producer to identify capability gaps, a transformation roadmap and a new procurement vision and strategy.

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The Problem

  • Our team was tasked to conduct a holistic review of the company’s procurement capability alongside its operating model.
  • We were also asked to assess the maturity of the current function, to identify opportunities to improve commercial and operational performance and move to best-in-class capability.

The Solution

  • As part of the overall Transformation Programme, the 4C team conducted a capability assessment of the procurement team and creation of individual development plans, whilst engaging the C-suite to establish the identity for procurement and align on expectations.
  • Subsequently we reviewed and redesigned the procurement vision and strategy to ensure alignment of capability development objectives.
  • We conducted a full diagnostic using our maturity framework, resulting in an overhaul of procurement policies, procedures and processes aligned to the agreed vision to support the implementation of best practice and a better performing function.
  • In addition, we  collated options for a rightsized organisation design structure, with clear recommendations. On agreement we implemented the new structure with clear responsibilities.
  • We augmented the team to help deliver key procurement objectives in advance of implementation of the new team structure.

The Impact

  • Key procurement capability gaps with a clear transformation roadmap were identified, enabling the function to operate more effectively and deliver key procurement objectives.
  • The client benefited from a redesigned procurement team, with new team roles and structure, based on clear job descriptions and skills matrices.
  • The foundation for the improvement of the function’s capability and delivery of key strategic objectives was set through a new procurement vision and strategy, with supporting policies and procedures to drive sustainable benefits.