Patient Services Category Review

Exploring alternative providers for mobile nursing and clinical concierge services and navigating alternative category strategies to reduce cost.

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The Problem

  • A medium-sized biotechnology company specialising in rare diseases and oncology realised that the performance of some of their key suppliers for patient services were slipping.
  • The company had historically used singular providers for mobile nursing and clinical concierge services, but they suspected that they were being overcharged and other providers may offer a greater range of services.
  • Patient centricity was at the core of the business values, therefore the client wanted to understand the opportunities alternative suppliers may bring in terms of both cost and service.

The Solution

  • The 4C team produced a phase one solution that focused on reviewing the mobile nursing and clinical concierge outsourcing, initially focusing on patient engagement.
  • We conducted a detailed spend analysis categorising the scraped invoice spend at L1-L3 levels using industry standard buckets, adjusted to client requirements.
  • We reviewed if changes in price over time were in line with those expected from inflation and FX fluctuations.
  • The budget for a single, on-going clinical trial was compared with alternative providers by stratifying the structure of the budgets across all 4 vendors, with an overview of the strategies provided.

The Impact

  • A 20% reduction in cost was realised using our cost benchmarking in an on-going clinical trial.
  • The opportunity to renegotiate mobile nursing rates and update contractual language was highlighted, providing clarity to the commercial terms, presenting long term savings across all new and on-going trials.
  • As a result of our partnership, the business now has clear strategic options for outsourcing across all patient services categories and improved visibility across the value chain to provide better patient services and speed up time to market for key oncology treatments.