Vision, Operating Model & Organisational Design

Developing a vision, operating model and organisational design for an international hospitality chain.

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The Problem

  • Even though the company has grown into the UK’s largest independent hotel brand across the UK, Ireland and Spain, the procurement team was in a reactive mode and struggling to meet the needs of the business during the pandemic.
  • Supply chain issues were significant and there was a need to secure greater visibility and transparency over their supply chain to understand and manage risk.

The Solution

  • A holistic operating model review was undertaken, using 4C’s operating model framework and supported via discussions with the procurement team, in parallel with all board members and key stakeholders.
  • The 4C team engaged the leadership team in the vision and strategy development of Procurement to seek ‘active’ sign off.
  • Disconnects in strategic direction and significant supply chain risks were discovered and immediate plans were put in place to manage those risks.
  • We enhanced the current procurement team in the short term, by splitting our team into two – the ‘Design & Build’ for a future sustainable function and the ‘Run Team’ who got embedded firmly into contract and supplier management to mitigate risks and secure supply.
  • In addition, we appointed an interim Director of Procurement to ‘steady the ship’ and provide immediate leadership.

The Impact

  • An inspiring Vision and Strategy was articulated and supported by a three-to-five-year roadmap to embed change.
  • As a result, the procurement team experienced a complete redesign, including the identification of new team roles and structure, rebuilt job descriptions and skills matrices, recruitment and induction processes.
  • A HR consultation process was personally led by a 4C Partner to smooth change fallout as much as possible and to provide guidance.
  • New tools, processes, data and templates were developed, including new ‘Ways of Working’ guides for the new procurement team structure to enable easy implementation.
  • Short term benefits of £1.5m over and beyond inflationary avoidance were delivered in addition to securing supply.
  • We identified a £20m+ pipeline via strategic category planning.