life sciences

4C Life Sciences works with clients in Europe, North America and Asia. Our proven track record spans the full value chain, from R&D and TechOps through Commercial, as well as Corporate functions, across which we deliver strategy, programme delivery and managed services. 4C Life Sciences clients are at all stages of growth, from start-up to global mega-pharma, and include leading multi-national research, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, instrumentation, med-tech and biotech players.

value proposition

For patients, and in turn sponsors and service providers, speed and efficacy are fundamental, and both these outcomes are unpinned by careful value chain configuration. This requires decisions to determine where competitive advantages lie, weighing make vs. buy options, and then selecting the right capabilities, partners and technologies to execute. Execution that requires coordination, collaboration and shared objectives across networks and ecosystems. 4C Life Sciences brings deep experience to these value chain configuration decisions – defining strategy, implementing new solutions, and ultimately supporting operational delivery of outcomes and realisation of value.

Our Insight-As-A-Service offering identifies and delivers insight from the wide array of data available across the sector. To do this, we combine the latest data science with in-depth functional knowledge and sector expertise. Examples include understanding the cost implications of full outsource vs functional service provider models; weighing the benefits of creative agency decoupling; or determining total workforce strategies across labour types. We also research – and look to anticipate – changes in global supply markets, and the constant movements in the competitive landscape. The result is actionable insights to support decision making.

With the return on investment in life sciences research and development facing constant pressure, productivity is a key focus for investors and executives alike. We consider cost optimisation as a means to free funds for re-investment – in research, therapy areas, trials, markets, and ultimately as a way of reaching more patients. Our approach to cost focuses on supporting organisations to make the right decisions as to how they configure their value chain, establishing the right capabilities to drive outsourcing excellence – doing the right deals and doing them well – and then ensuring value is driven from those deals throughout their lifetime.

True transformation across people, processes and technology empowers your teams and energises your value chain, improving all-round efficiency and maximising profitability. Agility and innovation are key in Life Sciences, with the proliferation of technologies, ever increasing payor, health care professional and patient expectations, and the pressure of evolving regulation all requiring agile operating models. By careful strategy definition, operating model design and planning, followed by implementation and ongoing support, we can help you rethink and configure your business, and build the capabilities – internally and externally – to support revenue growth and cost management.

Once value chain configuration decisions are made, and outsourcing is undertaken, life sciences organisations often drive inefficiency into operations by not considering how best to cut the time from initiation to contract. We know how to work day-to-day with outsource partners to execute effectively and remove wasted time from the necessary procurement, legal, financial and regulatory processes that co-exist with clinical, manufacturing and commercial innovation. We can provide a flexible workforce with the specific skills required to drive value, supported by our proprietary tools and processes, along with advanced analytics, delivered both on-site and remotely.