Distribution Strategy, Outsource & Transition Management

Partnering with an international bakery chain on developing a distribution strategy, outsource and transition management.

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The Problem

  • 4C was engaged to partner with the board of a leading premium bakery and food-service chain, as they embarked on a journey to double their retail footprint.
  • In addition, there was a need for simplification and capacity expansion of the CPUs.

The Solution

  • The 4C team diagnosed the existing in-house logistics operations and identified the sourcing requirements and baseline cost-to-serve.
  • Subsequently we identified a long list of potential logistics partners and shortlisted four suitable candidates as part of the soft market test.
  • Our team conducted a full RFP process on behalf of the client and negotiated the BAFO from potential suppliers.
  • We recommended a suitable logistics partner and obtained endorsement from the board.
  • In addition, we provided the implementation support on People, Legal and Operations.

The Impact

  • The right logistics partner was identified to achieve the ambitious retail growth and to manage the complex operational transition of CPUs.
  • The client accomplished the required service at a similar level to the existing in-house logistics with added innovative digital solutions and a clear and transparent commercial model focused on sustainable impact.
  • The client were enabled to focus on core business by partnering with a last-mile specialist experienced in the multi-temperature food products and multi-drop deliveries to metropolitan locations on the same-day, enabling improved customer experience without the added environmental burden.