4C’s Retail team has board-level experience, Consumer Goods expertise and extensive knowledge of the latest innovations in retail process and technology that will help your organisation maximise its short and long-term commercial performance.

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Our holistic, value chain approach looks at Customer, Cost and Culture in order to drive down consumer costs while increasing retailer margins.

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Retail team

  • insight

    Our 4Sight technology suite provides real-time access to market-leading analytics, allowing you to use the latest commercial insights to make fast, fact-based decisions to drive margin enhancement.

    By applying our learning algorithms to your raw data, we generate clear, interactive visualisations of those insights, trends and opportunities that will:

    • inform your category strategies
    • lead supplier negotiations
    • support range planning
    • streamline reporting
    • help you celebrate your successes.

    Finally, our project management and reporting suite ensures performance remains on track to deliver.

  • COGS reduction and margin enhancement

    Our Retail team combines customer focus with fresh data insights to enable fact-based commercial decision making enabling us to advance our clients commercial capability to the next level. Our approaches include:

    • end-to-end value chain strategic sourcing
    • increasing competitive tension
    • driving value from long term supplier relationships
    • product engineering to release margin from the COGS base
  • cost to serve optimisation

    With several decades of GNFR and supply chain management experience on our team we are true experts in optimising your cost to serve. We drive value by looking at:

    • end-to-end logistics flows
    • packaging reduction/optimisation from a whole margin approach – not just intake-margin
    • GNFR cost optimisation
    • inventory management to optimise working capital
  • sales growth

    We use data and insight-driven solutions to maximise your commercial effectiveness from buying activity and to optimise range, pricing and promotional effectiveness in COGS activity.

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