business transformation

As organisations transform themselves or their services, they have an opportunity to change the interaction and alignment of the procurement function within the business and its supply chain. Transformation can:

  • create disruption, value and deliver on the overall business strategy
  • move procurement to or from a decentralised or centralised function
  • integrate the function to achieve the business goals
  • include people, process and technology enablement
  • include the ‘make or buy’ options to deliver more value
  • be agnostic across all e-enablement platforms
  • drive automation and standardisation across a business
  • the problem

    At 4C we understand the challenges our clients face with procurement transformation, which can include:

    • a poor performing function
    • misalignment with the goals of the organisation
    • lack of controls and governance
    • poor data visibility
    • poor performing suppliers with little innovation
    • low internal or external engagement
    • culture issues
    • high cost of service
    • lack of agility
    • inability to support wider strategic challenges
    • inability to drive and enable sustainable change internally or across the supply chain.
  • our solution

    We use systematic methodologies, tools and techniques to recommend focus areas to our clients so they can improve control, performance and understanding of business needs, understand how to become a high performing function and align operating models and culture to deliver the business goals.

    Our 9-box model for operating model design, standard people development templates and change management methodologies enable and deliver sustainable benefits, while 4Spend and 4Tracker tools put data and insights at our clients’ fingertips.

    Our teams have supported global organisations with their vision, strategy and operating model, while ensuring their people are mapped against the correct strategic categories, leveraging local and Global Procurement Services teams to execute contracting and sourcing.

  • your benefit

    We will provide diagnostic and ambition setting, transformation design and planning and rapid implementation solutions that allow your business to:

    • enhance capabilities and focus capacity
    • move to a controlled environment
    • focus on goals
    • support front, middle and back office functions and
    • change the culture to drive and enable internal change
    • deliver sustainable change within the supply chain

    These benefits will maximize your profitability, deliver business efficiency, while empowering your staff and supply chain.

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