Investing in supply chain and logistics innovation is a driving force in improving financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee motivation (CIPS, 2023). Organisations’ ability to keep up with the pace of change and implement widespread initiatives is essential to distinguish themselves from their peers and attain sustainable competitive advantage.

Moreover, with holistic proactive product lifecycle management and an optimised distribution network, they are more likely to reduce their time-to-market and quickly capture market share by delighting their customers. This can be further enhanced if the production planning and inventory policies are managed by effective sales and operations planning. It can be supplemexnted with a review of logistics and network strategies for higher service level with low cost-to-serve. Ultimately, it leads to higher operating margin and lower logistics cost as a percentage of sales.

Recent events such as the pandemic, conflict in Europe and trade war amongst large economies have posed global supply chain challenges in its own uncertain ways. This has eventually compelled business leaders to reconsider their priorities and view their supply chains from a holistic perspective to induce agility and enhance resilience.

It triggers the question whether resting on one’s laurels or only looking backwards to improve supply chains is enough? Not to worry, supported by the findings in this research, we can help you understand the current state of your supply chain operations, look ahead and think differently to reimagine and transform supply chains for the future needs of your business.

To address these challenges, we are launching our inaugural 4C Transformative Supply Chain Annual Survey which will provide a health-check of your supply chain activity and whether it is as efficient and effective as it could be. It will also help you understand how to address key supply chain challenges faced in your organisation and identify specific opportunities for you to take to your board with clear benefits to the business.

Complete the 4C Supply Chain Survey here.

For every completed survey, 4C is donating £10 on your behalf to our preferred charities including the charity Mind, so your help really matters.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable contribution.

Gopal Iyer

Director, Head of Supply Chain Practice