Efficiency & Value Improvement Programme

Supporting the national response to combating COVID-19 transmission by incorporating governance, stakeholder support, monitoring and reporting.

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The Problem

  • As a part of the response to a global pandemic, the Test and Trace mission was to step up the infrastructure to conduct testing of the population in order to break the chains of transmission and stop the virus spreading.
  • The Commercial Function was an essential enabler, ensuring the supply chain and infrastructure was in place to enable test sample collection, logistics and laboratory testing along with procurement of all the consumables required to perform c800k tests a day and Public Funds spent in a transparent and compliant manner.

The Solution

  • Our team established good governance and problem solving in the early stages of the programme which was built on limited processes due to the rapid formation.
  • We responded to the constantly evolving nature of the programme and managed changing demands and forecasts, adapting to the highly flexible nature of the working environment, developing new strategies, new approaches and innovative solutions to problems that had previously never needed to be considered.
  • We led the development of a fully automated reporting suite.
  • 4C worked collaboratively with a team of civil servants, interim contractors and consultants, united in a common goal to deliver the Test and Trace programme for the nation.

The Impact

  • The Consumables, Reagents & Equipment (CR&E) team secured contracts for consumables in a market experiencing 50x normal demand and securing cost savings and cost avoidances totalling over £300m.
  • Reduced production time from two days to two hours was achieved thanks to the automated reporting suite which had a significant impact on team efficiency and testing volumes to reach more people and prevent the virus from spreading.
  • The joint commitment and hard work enabled testing to happen, saving lives and enabling a return towards a normal way of life.